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Dental centers

  • 3 medical centers
  • 3 dental centers
  • 3 radiology centers
  • 3 Blood collection centers
  • 3 radiology centers
  • Central Brussels location
  • Hospital doctors
  • State of the art medical equipment
  • Wide range of specializations
  • Partnerships with major hospitals

Dental centers

  • Multidisciplinary teams and advanced technologies
  • Large number of specialists
  • Sophisticated equipment and excellent value for money
  • By appointment (with the exception of emergencies)


The CHARTREUX, COLIGNON, MEISER and SIMONIS centers all offer a dental service. These highly specialized services are provided by multidisciplinary teams using advanced technologies in order to provide our patients with optimal care.

We provide the following specialties at our centers: general dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics, radiology (including intraoral and panoramic X-ray) and oral hygiene.
Our experienced dentistry staff makes use of the latest high-tech equipment. The equipment at all our dental centers is professionally sterilized by boiling, ionization and decontamination in an autoclave: it is then placed in sterile packaging.

The products and equipment used have been chosen with the best value for money in mind, so that we can treat our patients without any compromises or extra costs.

You can make an appointment by telephone or in person at reception. The dental centers are open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm, and on Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm. In the event of an emergency the care team will fit you in between existing appointments.

Quality and accessibility of care


Creating good relationships is a priority


State of the art technical equipment


Make an appointment

COLIGNON:     +32 (0)2 242 80 25
MEISER:          +32 (0)2 705 81 14
SIMONIS:         +32 (0)2 424 09 44

Consultation hours




Monday -Thursday: 8:00 to 19:30 
Friday : 8:00 to 15:00
Saturday : 9:00 to 13:00


Monday -Wednesday- Thursday: 8:00 to 19:30 
Tuesday - Friday : 8:30 to 19:30


Monday -Thursday : 8:00 to 19:30
Friday : 8:00 to 16:00


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